• “We’ve used Discovery Drilling for several holes, and I would HIGHLY recommend them.”  – Perry Gilstrap, Red Fork Energy  |  918.629.6502
  • Kenny Burgess, Nadel & Gussman  |  918.671.8890
  • “Only contractor we will use. Discovery Drilling has very experienced hands and their equipment is brand new, or maintained like new.” – Curtis Branch, Ranch Creek Holding, LLC.  |  918.605.9906
  • “Discovery Drilling consistently kept mud specifications correct, especially for payzones.” – Dave Moore, Dave Moore Mud Company  |  918.706.2353
  • “Discovery Drilling can rig up on tighter locations than most rigs in our area. Twelve loads saves on rig up costs, as well.” – Paul Collins, Dakota Exploration  |  918.806.8687
  • “Best run and operated drilling contractor we have ever used. Their hands are experienced, and the rig is kept in top condition.” – Jim Whitcraft, Rainbow Oil & Gas, LLC.